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SUclass is retiring and will shut down at 12 noon Pacific Time on April 17, 2020. Users will no longer be able to access SUclass after this time. Student work will not be preserved. Any work completed in the course that you wish to save must be downloaded by April 17, 2020 before 12 PDT.

Web Author Training for Adobe AEM

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About This Course

Stanford Medicine, in looking to better serve its web author community and deliver a leading-edge web experience, uses Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). AEM offers high ease-of-use for non-technical user to create and manage web content, uses flexible components to configure customized content and uses a browser-based solution that allows editing from anywhere and anytime.

This course covers the introductory requirements necessary for enabling web authors to build websites in AEM. It address accessing AEM, navigating the environment, how to create and edit pages, how to manage assets like images and documents, how to create and use tags, and how to use the basic components.

Training is broken up into learning modules around specific topics to help you learn and become familiar with building and editing web pages in AEM. Be advised that training is required for access to edit websites and the completion of all learning modules is required before you can gain access to a site.

The time commitment necessary to take the full course is approximately 4 hours.

Please watch and learn at your own pace. You can stop the videos and re-watch content at any time. After completion of the course work, you will have the basic skills and knowledge to create and edit pages using AEM.

Once you have completed watching all videos, you can submit a Help Desk ticket to request access to an existing website on AEM or ask to have a new site space created for you.

Additonal information about AEM can be found on Stanford Medicine's IRT website.


This class is specific to Stanford School of Medicine websites. It assumes that you are either a web author who owns or edits a website hosted with Stanford School of Manager and want to now edit a site already on the AEM web platform or a new author seeking to build a new site with AEM. Web authors must be trained before gaining access to AEM and completion of this course is required before access to an AEM site can be granted.

Course Staff

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Jason McDonald

As the Community Development & Training Lead for Stanford Medicine, Jason engages the web author community as a technology evangelist, works to improve the tools used for web authoring, manages the author experience (AX) for Adobe AEM, and provides training and training resources to ensure web author success.

Jason has a background in architecture, networking, web development, technical writing, and training that spans over sixteen years. Starting out writing technical manuals and training materials, he soon taught classes on desktop applications, network troubleshooting, and how to use propietary software. He also has experience in web development and content writing and many years architecting complex content management systems and server environments for enterprise systems for Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to take this training?

Yes, training is required before you can get access to AEM. Our instance of AEM is optimized for Stanford Medicine and to ensure your success we have developed this course and support materials on our website to assist you with building your site.

How do I take this course?

Register for the course using the registration link. Please note, since this is an online course, you do need an internet connection fast enough to watch the video modules.

How much time is required to take the full course?

The course videos total around 4 hours. The videos are broken up so that you can watch each video section separately.

I am not a technical person or know any code. Can I use the new web platform?

Great question! AEM is an easy to use web platform and you do not need to know any code to use it. We have designed the new platform with built-in help and descriptions for fields to help authors know what information they need to input.

Will I need to purchase anything like I did for Dreamweaver or Contribute?

AEM requires no purchase. It is an enterprise platform and is browser-based, so all you need is a web browser and SUNet ID to edit a website.

Do I need to buy a textbook?

No, there is no textbook for this class. Supported materials like PDF guides and video tutorials can be found on our Component Help pages.

What do I do after I complete the training?

After you complete all training modules successfully, please put in a Help Desk ticket. The Help Desk will then get you access to an existing site or if requesting a new site, create the new site space and permisisons.

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  4. Estimated Effort

    Approximately 4 hours to complete the course